How Much Does Hoarded House Clearance Cost

The first thing our customers want to know is how much it costs to clear a cluttered or hoarded house?

Note! The below price guide is better suited for cluttered houses only. For extreme hoarded house clearance a one price quote is better for both parties due to the fact that every hoarded house has its own set of complexities and potential problems. Call us to discuss your hoarded houses clearance requirements.

The price will vary between different companies, our guide below will give you an insight into how much it should roughly cost a house clearance company to clear a cluttered property legally.

Always remember if you receive a quote that seems too good to be true then it probably is. Always ask a house clearance company if they are licensed and insured to carry out a clearance. Licensed and insured professional house clearance companies will also be members of reputable associations such as the Anti Fly Tipping Association.

The last thing you need is to be hit with a huge fine from the environment agency due to a rogue house clearance company fly tipping your waste.

The Cluttered House Clearance company are fully licensed with the UK environment agency, as well as being fully insured to undertake house clearance, we are also members of the Anti Fly Tipping Association

Cluttered House Clearance price guide:

The largest expense when clearing a cluttered property is the cost of disposing the waste from the property legally. To dispose of waste legally we have to use licensed recycling centres, the cost depending on which centre we use is roughly £200-£300 + VAT for a luton van filled with waste.

How Much Does Hoarded House Clearance Cost

Cluttered House Clearance Staff wages:

We send a team of three cluttered house clearance specialists to clear a cluttered property. A cluttered house, bungalow or flat usually takes between 2-3 days to clear completley, obviously depeneding on the severity of the clutter inside.

Luton Van filled with waste disposal costs: £200-£300 + VAT

3 Staff – Insurance – Paye – Pensions:  Daily approx £220

House clearance vehicle costs per day: Insurance – Fuel – Road Tax £95 +

This guide gives you an approx cost of £600 to legally clear a property – This is based on ONE van load and does not include any company profit.

There are many rogue house clearance companies out there who give our industry a bad name, PLEASE be aware when receiving a cheap quote from any company. Always ask if your waste will be disposed of legally, ask if they hold a waste carriers licence, and last but not least always ask if they are members of the Anti Fly Tipping Association. It is an absolute impossibility to tip waste legally on the cheap.

FREE Hoarded House Clearance Asset Recovery Service…

Our pre house clearance asset recovery service is 100% FREE. If we find NOTHING in the property then we ourselves expect nothing, no charges, no fees. We only get paid if we locate items of value and of course if you ask us to undertake the actual clearance after the search has been completed.

Please take a minute or two to read our page about our FREE Hoarded Houses Clearance Asset Recovery Service.

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FREE Hoarded House Clearance Asset Recovery Service...

FREE Hoarded House Clearance Asset Recovery Service...

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